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How to Design and build a robot lawn mower

This is an on-going project and updates are made as they are available

Robot Mower
Narrative and pictures of building a robot lawn mower

Mission To build a robot lawn mower with the following goals:

1. Safe for people, animals, and the yard.
2. Self running.
3. Rechargable battery powered.
4. Total cost less than $1000.
5. No bagging or grass pickup.
6. Functioning but not pretty.
7. Use available components where possible.
8. R/C mode and AutoMatic mode.
9. Create a platform that can perform other garden chores.


1. Most information gathered from the internet.
2. A broken electric lawn mower.
3. A used R/C aircraft controller.
4. Some scrap steel.
5. Robot supply companies.
6. A shop with many needed capabilities.


!. Study what has been done so far.
2. Select and purchase components.
3. Create plans for component location and frame.
4. Weld together a prototype frame.
5. Mount mechanical components.
6. Wire electrical components.
7. Settings, adjustments and testing.
8. Redesign and retesting.

1. Discovered many things that did not work.
2. R/C control completed.
3. Mower blade perfected.
4. Computer control achieved.
5. Drive system moderately reliable.
6. Power supply completed.
7. Arduino programming.
8. A tether was accurate but restricted.
9. A purchased dog fence nearly worked.

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